Real world aviation category

Personally, I’d like to know if a United customer didn’t get their free cookie, but that’s just me. Guess I’ll have to find another outlet.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GUYS - This topic is not for attacking people for what they did wrong - it’s just a reminder @Brandon_Sandstrom @DeerCrusher

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Were you there?

Then don’t post in #real-world-aviation

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But it’s interesting to find out what the NTSB had to say. I’m sorry but I agree with @Brandon_Sandstrom and @DeerCrusher on this

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You’re quiete contradictive of your previous post.


But it’s interesting to find out what Delta will say…


It’s fine nope it wasn’t a personal experience, and I shouldn’t have shared it.

Let’s quit taking shots at others and make this a constructive post. That was over six months ago, and has become irrelevant.


Easy with the caps. Not necessary. No one is attacking anyone. Simply pointing out that things are being repeated and not according to the original intent of the category. Good news for you… you actually follow the rules. Now, help others do the same. 😉

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Ok, so you’ve done it and I’ve done it as well. I think that rule is no longer relevant. It was made almost 2 years ago.

Nope it’s still relevant, and needs to be enforced like the other categories.

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What if we treat these like feature requests. No substance and just a link= closed. But if it’s a topic about something cool and actually starts a meaningful discussion it should be allowed

I’m amazed… not really, by how much you guys want to bend the original intent. Its quite sad, really…

Quoting your topic? You lost me you’re the one that’s shared it twice now in this post.

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I’m not talking about news or whatever. Just like I feel like if there is a topic that’s relevant to aviation in general, and there’s actually effort put in and it starts a discussion, kinda like what this post did, it should be allowed cus it’s at least contributing to the discussion

I’m glad this conversation is going well. I would like to ask some of you more experienced community guys if my recent topic fits into the real world aviation category. If not, where would it go for future reference. I’m not here to start an uproar.

I could almost guarantee that the purpose of the #real-world-aviation category was to share personal experiences while flying. Everyone know a days has some type of device that can get them the latest airplane or aviation news. Also, I believe that it was also to be used as a learning tool and to critique things about ones personal experiences


It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, but if you want it to be directed at you. Your welcome. I’m not harassing anyone, period. You’re making this more complicated than it really needs to be.

Exactly man that was indeed its original intent.

Honestly I could careless bout aviation news as I follow multiple sources regarding that subject. Everyone could use some critique in their life