Real World Aviation category poll

The Real World Aviation category is very popular and often dominate our front page. We are here for our love of aviation and want to share fun facts and stories about our common interest.

That being said, while we encourage real world aviation contributions, the goal of this forum is to mainly communicate about Infinite Flight.

With that in mind, we thought it could be good to limit RWA topic creation to regular members (trust level 3). Everybody else would still be able to see and comment for the moment but original posts would be a privilege of regular users.

  • Only Regular users should be able to create topics in RWA
  • It is fine as it is

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You could limit it to TL2 (like #features is)


I would like to keep it as is. I like to share my photos and experience for others to see. Im not a regular yet so it be disappointing for me to see it go since i wont be able to share my photos.


We have to think about the IF staff they don’t have unlimited storage for the forum. It is my opinion.

TL0 and TL1 rarely share in RWA as far as I can tell.


The goal here would be to encourage ppl to become regulars; see it as a reward.


But they get lounge anyway, isn’t that enough of a reward? Many people don’t have the time to be on the forum so often to get regular.


I think it’s a brilliant idea and it will do well towards increasing community drive to produce productive and meaningful topics/conversations in order to achieve the rank I and my fellow TL3 Regulars cherish! Has my vote!


Well I want to become a regular - but I haven’t been here for long enough. I would like to think I make good contributions to the forums, so keeping it the same seems good.

I think you are correct but being a regular does not necessarily mean being an aviation enthusiast. I think we should encourage large tracking threads alike the evolution of global flight one


This might sound like a stupid question, but what stats do I need to become a Regular?


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Should be limited, since people exclusively contribute there and not to the sim, I believe I wrote a topic about this somewhere

The RWA category is more of a aviation news channel (plane orders, accidents) and a bit of avherald too.


im trying to get there. RWA category is one of the places i can see other pilots pictures and stories or ideas, and as a young pilot thats almost vital to me. There isn’t anything greater than sharing my pictures of my flights with others who arent lucky enough to fly or become a pilot

People who don’t have time to spend on this forum often create sub-par topics and disregard guidelines. This is important if we want to improve the quality of our forum.


Yes I totally back this to make RWA where Regulars can create the original topic.

I understand this but we don’t want this forum to turn into an aviation news website only… letting anyone create topics in RWA is slowly doing this.


It takes alot of time and energy spent on this forum to become a regular. I think this type of change would only further isolate members who have responsibilities outside of this forum but also share the same love for avation as you or I do.


In that case you could use spotting, if I’m thinking what you’re talking about ;)

well ya. Its Infinite Flight Community. My opinion let it be members and regulars. Honestly I spend more time ON RWA than anything. I would hate to see it go since ill be only a member still


This whole argument of it takes so much time is kinda BS. I’m a Senior in high school, I have to do homework, practice for band, apply for college and scholoships, find the time to go take flight lessons and ground school, hang out with my girlfriend and my friends, and I STILL have plenty of time to be on the forum and become a regular. All it takes is like ten minutes a day