Real World Aviation Category - June 2020 Changes

Hi everyone,

As we head into a very busy summer period, we are making changes to the #real-world-aviation category. This is to ensure that topic quality remains high, and the moderator workload can be managed. This topic will outline some of the decisions that have been made and will explain them in full to answer as many potential questions as possible. The main changes that are being brought in are as followed:

  • All topics will be reviewed by a moderator in a post queue (currently in a trial period and subject to change)

  • No crash topics are permitted with the exception of when a report is published about a major incident

  • No long question-based threads

Initial Discussions and Reasoning for Changes

As mentioned, topic quality and moderator workload are the two main reasons for these changes. In addition to this, the following were all considered when discussing if and how to change the rules:

  1. How big of a feature non-Infinite Flight related content should be on the Infinite Flight forum
  2. How we filter out the good quality topics from the less productive ones
  3. How we define ‘significant news’ over more general RWA news
  4. How far we want to ensure users participate in the wider IFC and not simply RWA

We discussed these thoroughly over a lengthy period, taking into account as many opinions and positions across our user base.

Final Decisions and Logic

These discussions led us to the above changes being made. These are designed not to restrict but as a filter. Each change has the following logic built into them:

  • Topics should bring something new each time, be it knowledge, informed opinion, or important news
  • Users should be encouraged to continue using #real-world-aviation as a hub for interesting RWA information and we positively encourage this
  • #real-world-aviation can be a hotspot for certain users to engage on this forum, however wider engagement in other categories is considered important and is strongly encouraged

’Long Question-Based Threads’

These have been a particular source of discussion amongst many long-standing members here on the forum and moderators. Whilst many of these topics are interesting, many of them are subtle variations to the same question. Additionally, the majority can be split into individual topics so that discussions can be more specific, engaging, and in-depth.

Topics included in this umbrella term include, but are not limited to:

  • What is your favourite…
  • Would you rather…
  • Funniest XYZ…

An example of the sorts of topics that would be an excellent replacement for these could be:

- Here is a new livery and the history behind it
- This old terminal is being knocked down. Do you think it should be removed?
- I just found this amazing aviation myth. Let me explain it
- This was my favourite XYZ. Here is why my opinion changed

This change will only affect a small number of topics, so if you have an interesting point of discussion to post, we’d love to see it!


I like these new changes, thank you @MishaCamp!


The “plane crash” topics needed to be addressed a long time ago. They were absolutely disastrous topics. Glad to see something actually happen.


Me seeing threads closed and this thread being linked to 20 over threads every minute 👀


I personally have never posted a topic on this category, but these changes should make the #real-world-aviation category can be cleaner. Great job misha! Rick rolling can now go on (this is a joke, let me know if offensive or anything else ;))


Thank you for these new changes @MishaCamp ! This can definitely help with the community.


Some nice changes to the category Misha!


Thanks for these new changes!




Does that review also apply for the #real-world-aviation:spotting subcategory? Asking for a friend obviously 👀


It does not, no


Who of you got rick rolled?


Happened to me so many times that I don’t really care anymore 👀

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Wow! Thanks for the heads up Misha! And I got rick rolled!

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But I think the question (and for example never have I ever) threads are fun. Why won’t we make a special category for that?

😢 Misha’s growing up so fast

Ey misha with the rick roll

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Hahaha 33 people just got rick rollllled 😂

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@MishaCamp does a Rick Roll! Love it, ahaha!