Real World ATC Youtube Channels

Please list any real world aviation youtube channels related to ATC.

Along with listening to live ATC once in a while (which can get boring), these videos can help you learn a TON! Some even have visuals of what is going on and highlight some great moments (emergencies, hilarious controllers, etc).

I encourage anyone who acts as ATC on IF to listen to these! Feel free to add any I missed.

A lot with the famous “Kennedy Steve” ground controller:

Several unique incidents (emergencies, events, etc):

Miscellaneous mixed bag:

His “LiveATC” videos highlight some interesting situations:

I’ve watched most of these ad have learned a lot as to how ATC handles different situations (as well as normal conditions). Highly recommend listening to these!


I’m sad to say but my favorite Boeing 737 channel had to close its videos down due to company rules, but the ones listed above are solid!

I like
Pretty new, but helps you actually understand what their actually telling these planes to do.

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How about (.com)