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Hi everyone,
I am sorry when this Topic is doubble, but the search button didnt help me.

I would like to get my VA officiell approved by the actual Airline. I am shure people have done that before me already, so could you please give me some advice what I need to look for, please?

Thank you

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good luck :)

British airways got approved i think.


Just go to their site and look for the email, then contact them asking about it. If they say no, then you may have to remove the branding altogether.

Do you know how I can ask them (the VA) @GordenW ?

Thomas Cook got approved

By using a ask a question area i suppose?

I think the airline themselves talked to the VA first, not the VA contacting the airline, if I am not mistaken.

I think he wants to be safe, virgin America VA got closed by the CEO of virgin America himself.


I think you can reach out to the airline through either email, social media, or good old fashioned snail mail if you’re into collecting airline letters.

Drop them an email and you’ll be directed to their copyright team, just say what you think of the airline and what uh plan to do and they hopefully won’t get mad.



Steps to do that:
Go to the airline’s website
Go to the “Contact us” section
Tell them about your VA
Wait a few days


What I did was I went to the KLM website then got their 24 hour facebook so then I went to their facebook and asked them but I had to wait two hours.

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Thank you. Thats helpful.

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