Real world aircraft routes (domestic & international).

Are there any websites available which show real routes that can be done with the aircrafts and landscapes that the game so far has?

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Thanks, but do you have international routes?

some of those are international. For Example flying from Singapore to Kula Lumpa, or from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf or Brussels are all international flights. Technically some of the flights in the Caribbean region are also classed as international as flying from one country to another.

But where do I find a list of routes in which I could use the 757 or the 777?

Here @Sturmovik

That’s what I was looking for!

These aren’t real world routes.

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some are… its influenced by infinite flight - you can only stay in one region.

The earlier linked post is an actual list of real world routes listing the airline and aircraft type used so you can fly realistic routes in IF. as you can see there are a wide range of routes that can be flown!

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