Real Weather Scenarios

Yes, I know that there are counltess topics on weather, however its seems to me that they are asking quite a bit, now a lot of topics lately have been about adding ground movements and terminals etc.

Im saying lets start with something that affects our flying as pilots and having the joy of flying from point A to B. We can start simple cirrus clouds that can get you some jet streams which give you a hectic headwind or tailwind. Then get the CB’s with rain and thunder and then maybe Hurricanes where one has to divert. Or even just start with the fact that if the clouds are below minima’s you have to divert?

Here I was flying from FACT to FAGC (Grand Central) in a C177.

Not saying it it need to be 1080 definition that can come later but at least instead of having it say just the wind and speed show us what we would be expecting?

Hello mate,

There are multiple feature requests for the things you have mentioned above. Please continue the discussion and vote on the ones that you want below:

Also please keep in mind to only request one specific feature per feature request.

Thanks for the understanding mate!