Real Voice ATC

Do you think we will one day be able to speak to ATC withvoice like IVAO instead of pressing button?


Probably not.

Can’t due to lack of ability to moderate what is said.

And no, you can’t record it and use it at a later date to review and punish, as it violates the GDPR.

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I wish we could, but due to age diversity and such its better to keep things the way they are and not risk offending anyone or putting a bad rep on flight sim users.

A good example if how stuff would most likely go down is to watch any AirForceProud95 video.

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Or lucass channel

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Try searching out topics in the future prior to creating a new topic. There are plenty on this subject explaining why it likely won’t happen.

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Also have to take into consideration that Infinite Flight users are from various countries around the world.

I think different accents and dialects would make voice ATC that much more difficult.

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What irl pilots have to put up with

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Yes, and they have the adequate training/experience to deal with that. They are professionals


It would be weird talking to other like that and people like me who get hella anxious when talking to people would not be happy with this, also privacy issues are storing under 18 audio might not be legal

its a ok idea but as @anon41771314 said, it would be hard to moderate.
and a topic has already been made about this many times. :)

No, this has already been asked for multiple times. It’s is banned in Infinite Flight for various problems:

  • GDPR - you cannot keep the recordings as ‘proof’
  • Moderation - it’s very hard to moderate it, as it would mean someone would have to be on it constantly.

Recently, all VAs also had a vote on whether to let any VAs have voiced ATC, and it was voted against.

I don’t see this happening any time in the future, due to the legal issues involved.