Real Voice ATC after grade 4 or 5

One of the reasons why IF is the leading flight simulator on mobile platforms is because of its ATC features. This got me thinking…

Why don’t we add a feature after grade 4 or 5, where flights can be done with your real voice, similar to real life and VATSIM. I assume people in those higher grades are mature enough and have a better understanding of flying and ATC.

This would allow for a more immersive and interesting experience.

Just an idea…


I apologize in advance if this idea has been shared before by someone else.

Great idea, but

No, I was 13 when I first reached G4.

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That’s why I said grade 4 or 5, whatever option is better.

And to be fair, I hear squeakers on VATSIM all the time…


You can definitely vote for it here!


Thanks, OP really put some time into the idea by the looks of it!

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Honestly speaking the Grade system could indeed be used to award the loyal players but by giving these higher Grade-achievers functional privileges, there’s a suspicion of inducing bad gaming habit of overly-addicted. IF’s higher Grades require hundreds of landings and thousands of hours of flying - which takes up time. Giving such privileges makes people more eager in consuming their time in the game - both good and bad.

I think one of the issues, in general, for game developers, is how to maintain their income through promoting some features while maintaining a good guidance on gaming habits. Privileges for higher grades wouldn’t help with the latter.

Just some ethical thought on the grade limit. But your live atc idea is cool.

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