Real time turbulance..

Does IF comply with real time weather updates?

I recently purchased navigraph premium to get the latest AIRAC… hoping to enable more realism into the sim.

Little did I know that my turbulence would become much more worse and averaging 100knts of wind at FL370
I even keep up to date with turbli to make sure I have the latest wind information but IF seems to not comply with it??

Please let me know what I can do, or if I am the problem…

Purchasing Navigraph does not change the winds in-game, so…

There are likely some discrepancies present between data in Navigraph and the data the IF receives.


Does anyone knows the Source of the IF winds aloft ? Would be nice to have that realistic weather data.

If you use Windy or any wind website, get to know that Infinite flight uses GFS as wind data, but I don’t know how the turbulence parameters is set

Theres a difference between turbulence and strong winds. You were experiencing strong winds, not turbulence, hence why your sources said that there would be no turbulence