Real time or your time

I am just wondering if you all fly in your own personal time or in the real would time. I am just starting to fly real time instead of my time which is mostly daylight. I always had trouble seeing the runways for landing. Having the moon out sure helps a lot now.


Same. I do real time to keep it…well, real. :)


I do real time unless I am landing/taxiing and can’t see a thing.


Well thats the thing, with the moon I can see it all. It is actually better than at mid dawn or dusk for some reason.


It really depends for me, if I’m doing a real life flight I set the time to what time the plane departs. If not I set it to noon.

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mixture for me. if it’s to train I have never seen before it’s personal time otherwise actual


I always take the real time of the flight.

So if schedule says departure 10:30, I‘ll set my time to 10:10 in the beginning to lift off right on schedule then :)


Isn’t departure time the time when the plane leaves the gate?


Here is when I use my times and why:

It is very nice to do flights in real time, I use it often for shorter flights where I will be by the device the whole time, it is more realistic. However, I have to turn my brightness up though because I normally play my iPad with the brightness all the way down to save battery.

I use day mode a lot when it is too dark to taxi I switch it to day for my taxi so I don’t get lost. I also use day on touch and goes so I can see more, and I sometimes use day mode for shorter flights.

If I do an overnight flight I will switch the time to just after sunset and turn the brightness all the way down to conserve battery life, prevent heating, and try to limit screen burn-in which I haven’t had any yet.

I rarly use them, but if I am flying over a pretty or scenic spot I’ll switch for some nice pictures ;)


That would rather be off-block time. ;)

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I use real time for a realistic experience. The bad thing is, other than weekends, I don’t get of work till late so I’m always flying at night. The Moon is a lifesaver. I’m still hoping for taxiway lights in the near future.

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I fly in real world time

I usually use real time, unless I’m taxiing.

Real time is great, however seeing landmarks and airports can be a little tricky sometimes.

When the airport I’m in at the time of my spawn is in night, I’ll use “Day” option while taxiing and taking off, before switching back to “Night” (Real Time). But other than that, I always use Real Time unless it’s too dark to see


Real time because I want realism


I mostly fly during the evening after work. AndbI don’t like flying at night. There are some reasons for that:

  1. The landing lights do not lighten up the runway. There are no taxi lights.

  2. The ground lighs aren‘t very realistic yet

  3. There are no city lights. Everything is just black. Why would I want that if I can have a beautiful scenery?

The only time I fly at night is when I’m sleeping during a long haul flight.

That’s why I don’t use real time a lot

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Here’s something you may be interested in then…

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The problem with Real Time is, taxiing in No Light can impact your taxiing, i have ended up on grass multiple times before, Otherwise Its Real Time.

I fly real time, unless the whole flight will be in complete darkness.