Real time damage to airframe for improper use of spoilers, flaps and overspeed

This is in the interest of ultra realism while piloting any aircraft:

I wonder if it would be a good idea to have airframe damage actually occur to aircraft that deploy spoilers or flaps above their rated performance? Similarly there could be actual airframe damage if aircraft flies above rated max speed instead of an overspeed warning? Of course undercarriage damage would occur on hard landings and runway runoff for any reason.

How it can work:
1/ Users could have and ‘Aircraft Damage’ toggle ON/OFF button to choose before every flight:

If the user chooses OFF they fly without any damage occurring for flying the aircraft beyond the aircrafts spec parameters

However, if the user chooses Damage ON they will have to fly within all spec parameters so as not to damage the airframe.

These specifically will cause airframe damage

  • overspeed on cruise
  • deployment of spoilers and flaps at speeds beyond spec parameters
  • hard landings and run off runway on landing for any reason will damage the landing gear

What should happens to damaged aircraft:

  • User will need to wait for 24 hours to use that particular airframe again.
  • If damaged on landing the AC can ‘ghost’ for other users and ATC so as not to disrupt traffic flow

You’ve got my vote! + you know the slogan “Make sure to vote for your own”

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This wouldn’t work for a few reasons. One, some people make mistakes. We aren’t all professional pilots, and the misuse of flaps is very common. Thus, that would create frustration amongst players because of the fact that your aircraft is being damaged.

Second, how would this work exactly? Would the damage only last for that session?

I mean, if you want to be ultra realistic I can see where this applies, but honestly it’s not a much needed feature.


Good point. Wonder if ‘Aircraft Damage ON/OFF’ could be an option a user could toggle before starting up a flight. Those who want the aircraft physics to be ultra real I think would choose ON. Also this would help less experienced pilots aim to keep flight parameters real as they improve on their skills.

Maybe if your plane would get damaged you would take your plane to the maintenance hanger at the destination airport and the repair times would vary amongst how much damage your plane has sustained

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What about casual server? Would it apply to that server?

People would abuse that like crazy. Just like the emergency feature request. Just like the animated crash feature request.

Aircraft Damage ON/OFF could be an option for all servers

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Perfect! And the user would not be able to fly that AC till its repaired!

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Wouldn’t that be abused though? If the aircraft is damaged on TS or ES wouldn’t the pilot have issues controlling the aircraft and possibly disrupt traffic at airports.

And also you said the aircraft must be repaired but how? Like a wait time maybe?

Yes, wait 24 hours or something for the aircraft damaged to be repaired. It will be disabled as a choice for 24 hours for the user.
The user can always choose to have AC damage ON or OFF.


I’d like this to be a feature, that’s what makes IF the most realistic sim on the App Store

You have my vote

I also voted a minute ago

That is a really huge long shot. This isn’t a maintenance simulator where you have to go into a hangar and wait a day. There are so many features that are needed more than this. Won’t be seeing this for quite a while…

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Well it would add a little bit of ground realism

Thanks everyone for so many ideas and objections. With your permission I am updating (editing) the request with your inputs the best I can.

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I think there should be some consequence for using flaps/spoilers when too fast. I don’t think there should be any consequence for hard landings - hard landings usually damages airframe not the gear, just let the user know (IF already grades landings for xp).

Onto the ideas for implementing this. Mantainance period is 100% no - this doesn’t even happen for crashes. I think the best way to enforce these are warnings and level 1 violations.

There is also another problem: some people actually use flaps 5 in cruise on the 787. This is semi realistic because IRL the 787 does use flaps in cruise, but not leading edge slats which flaps 5 also uses.

what should happen:
remove the 2 points, do not ghost people and do not make people wait to use it again
if there is damage, plane can show in red on the map so ATC can make space for “emergency” and give them priority landing

People will abuse this 100%