Real Pilots

Do you have any experience in real aviation? :) I mean it if you have any licenses or during aviation training?
Personally I’m during my PPL(A) training and currently approximately 39 hours on the wing. How about your experience?
Greetings, Lukasz

I have about 3 hours logged in a Cessna 172 (training)


I have logged a plenty of hours in a fixed base flight simulator and I’ll start taking real flight classes this summer.

And 480 hours of flight time in IF Live :P


PPL licensed here. CPL student (basically frozen ATPL). Over 120 hours including some Twins flights.

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Great Axel 😉

Quelle aérodrome? T’es dans la région parisienne? ;)

I had my private ticket, but it expired years ago. It’s such an expensive hobby, once I had to support a family, I haven’t been behind the yoke. :(

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I have a PPL. Close to 100 hours flight time.

Je vole un peu partout en France, à LFFE, LFOF et bien d’autres @AF330. I do live in Paris although I’m getting my CPL in Toulouse.

@AF330 @Axel_Beder
Please leave an English translation if you speak another language.

He basically asked where I was flying. I did include an approximate english translation, I only chose to to rewrite the airport codes in there.

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