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Hey guys. I’m a ATP pilot with multi-engine /instrument ratings. I am no longer flying for a living due to a airplane accident in 2017 and this app is the most fun I’ve had in a long time . Just wanted to thank developers and if pilots who make this app/ simulator possible. I’ve trained on level d simulators before and besides the movement I find the planes react much like they do on tea life. My dad is a American a320/321 captain and I’ve recently got him playing it and he agrees. I would like some information on some group flights or community events there are.


Hey there!

If you want some information on group flights or community events, go ahead check out #live:groupflights and #live:events. (Just click the hashtags)

Welcome to the community we are all so happy you are here! (If you have any questions feel free to ask or PM me!)

Welcome to the community!

Here are the topics that will give you more I formations on group-flights and events respectively

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