Real Pilot, New Player, Blown Away

Hey all, I’m a commercial pilot and flight instructor. Last week, I was forced to start quarantining after one of my students tested positive for covid, so I hopped on the app store and saw I had downloaded this game several years ago (think like 7 or 8+) and must not have been impressed at the time. With all the time in the world, though, I redownloaded it to see what it’s all about.

I have to say, I am completely blown away by what this sim is capable of. FSX is what got me into aviation as a kid, and even this app on my iPad can do plenty that that full desktop PC sim could never do. Apparently, SIDS/STARs, VNAV, and some of the amazing live cockpits are recent additions, but those are really what makes this game stand out, as well as ATC procedures (many of the commands again are far beyond what FSX was capable of)

I immediately opted for Global and started grinding. In 3 days I was able to make it to Grade 3 so I could play the expert server which is all I wanted to do, and spent all day yesterday around Manchester having the most fun I’ve ever had in an app. The satisfaction of flying a complete flight from startup to shutdown, with proper procedures, flight planning, and ATC the whole way, is something I never thought I would see in a mobile app.

Unfortunately, I paid the price at the end. I decided to hop from Manchester to Gran Canarias overnight (one of the routes specified in the ATC schedule, such a nice feature). I must not have paid attention to my STAR/VNAV planning, because when I woke up to the alarm I had set, I had descended to 10,000 over 100 NM from the airport. I was still at cruise speed so I woke up to 3 violations and I had lost my Grade 3 status just like that, kicked from the Expert Server. Since it’s based on my violations in the last 7 days, I won’t even have the option to regain it for another 4 days.

I was really upset by this since I had grinded so hard to earn that level in such a short period (you can’t imagine how my forearms felt after 100 landings in a day), so I’m pretty bummed at having to go back to the Training Server, I was really looking forward to flying around Australia today and trying to get involved in the fly-ins they had set up (advice for getting involved in those or Virtual Airlines for a beginner?). Obviously it’s my fault for arming VNAV before going to sleep, but I’m still frustrated. Oh well, here are some pics that I had to screenshot because I found myself in awe that I was running this sim on an iPad.

Nearing top of descent on my first major undertaking, KLAX-OMDB in the A350, easily one of my favorites due to the live cockpit and how easy is to perform a stable approach with. Ended up around 16 hours and was a major help in earning Grade 3 in 3 days.

Another from the same flight, a bit earlier on, approaching Baghdad VOR from the north en route to Dubai. I think the next logical addition to this game after SIDS/STARs needs to be the airway databases and the ability to load them, not just victor airways but also high and low jet routes. This would make flight planning more realistic and streamlined. Stringing together VORs is fine, but it would add that next level of realism and I could avoid flying over Afghan airspace, just like the real flight does.

My first ‘Ok this is pretty cool’ moment on the expert server, got vectored onto a parallel ILS approach into Manchester after some crazy traffic negotiation skills by ATC. This kind of professional coordination and realism is what I’m going to miss from the expert server. Yes yes I know it’s only 4 days.

Miami to Kennedy in the 800. Cockpit lighting at night really stands out as amazingly done in this game. Also loving the traffic awareness functionality on the ND (I won’t call it TCAS since there is no conflict resolution functionality as far as I’m aware?)

Kamloops to Vancouver on the Expert Server, another really awesome destination they selected. It became clear very quickly that terrain resolution is this game’s strong suit, texture resolution is not, as such I try to focus on areas with interesting terrain, YVR being one of them, it just looks stunning, and the sense of scale with the terrain in the world as you view it from the cockpit is so, so realistic, another one of those intangible qualities that just ‘feels good’ when a game gets it right. I’ve also had awesome graphics doing short Alaska 737 hops up in AK, as well as places like Salt Lake, Aspen, Denver, Austria, and Switzerland.

Last one, descending into YVR from SEA, another short hop on Expert Server. I love being able to adjust the range on the ND, as you can see my filed STAR into YVR which was essentially just a right traffic pattern approaching from the south. This was just another one of those moments where I couldn’t believe I was playing an app on my iPad.

Well there you have it, I’m super excited to get more involved in both this game a well as this community since I am looking for the most realistic experiences possible (Expert server, fly-ins, virtual airlines, etc.). In the real world, I am actually involved with a regional carrier for United Airlines, so if United has a virtual airline I would be very interested in getting involved and flying with them. Looking forward to becoming a member of this community!


Welcome to the community! Glad you love the sim and hope to see you in the skies sometime!
So in response to your violations it was 3 Level 1 violations I believe? So you should be fine still getting into the ES dont quote me though haha
As for getting into a VA or joining events I highly suggest you look into it. So long as you meet the requirements often listed on each VA’s website you’ll have an amazing time rising through the ranks of the VA/VO you decide to join

Welcome to the community! We are happy to have you and I’m glad you enjoy the sim!


Welcome to the sim and the community! Kinda sucks about the violations, but you’ll be back in no time! Hope to see u around in the skies :)

First of all, welcome to the community!

Answering your question:

Actually, you just choice the one you like and just apply. Your lack of stats might be made up by the fact that, well, you are an IRL flight instructor. There might be some bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy, but remember that, in the end, everyone just wants to have fun.


And it’s only going to get better from here.


There is one! Their thread can be found via the link below.



They were Level 1 violations for exceeding 250 indicated below 10k. Grade 3 requires no more than 5 in the last 7 days, so I had some prior to the 3 I picked up this morning, and since I’m brand new they are all in the last 7 days.

Unfortunately I have 8 level 1 violations all for that reason, I really need to find a better way to plan my descent on long haul flights. I tried setting up LiveFlight which is pretty cool but doesn’t seem to really work well or perform accurately, when I find my flight my ETAs/distances are not accurate and the alerts I set do not work.

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Hahaha same bro
Mine just happened to be spaced out over a longer period of time

For me I just got into practice of setting my alarm 5-10 minutes before vnav says I reach TOD

Warm welcome to the community! There’s lots of things for you to explore so go right ahead and dig through everything! I’m sure you will feel welcome in this community! ;D

Where do you see that figure? I have ETE to next waypoint and I can see distance to TOD, is there any way to know ETA to TOD?

I love the app as well! Awesome to see you like it as much as I do.

The status bar at the bottom of your screen is customisable so once you’ve reached cruise you can change whichever of those indicators to show you your vnav (distance and time to TOD) so you know how long you have left

Dude! I just hopped on a flight right now and you are totally right, that is exactly the figure I’ve been looking for, thank you!


You may already be aware, but can be used to generate flight plans and easily copy/paste them into IF. It isn’t as streamlined as having airways in the sim (you end up having to delete individual waypoints to replace them with the SID/STAR you select), but it should help provide more realistic flight plans.

Hi! It’s super nice to see another real world pilot exploring the waters of a mobile flight simulator. I’m working on my commercial single at the moment and have found Infinite Flight extremely helpful for practicing real world procedures, maneuvers, etc. It’s been key in obtaining both my private and instrument ratings.

You might have remembered the original 172 7-8 years ago, but recently it’s been reworked and is pretty close to the real thing! Definitely one of the best aircraft in game for sure.


Welcome! It’s awesome to see more real world pilots here, and Infinite Flight truly has a ton for a mobile flight sim!

Especially considering it’s pretty low specs requirements and entry cost (compared to purchasing a powerful PC + a desktop flight simulator)!

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Totally agree, it’s a bit disappointing reading the feature suggestion threads and seeing people requesting buildings, weather, gates, etc. Obviously those things would be awesome, but for every thread there is another one complaining about performance. I think this game has shown its strength in the peripherals, the procedures, flight models, and all of that, so it should continue pursuing those features rather than cosmetics. I’m running a 6th gen base model iPad and have never experienced frame drops even at the hub on Expert server, which is amazing. I have a new 2020 iPad Pro in the mail that I upgraded to for my current flying job, and I can’t wait for it to arrive.


Awesome man, one of my students just passed his commercial single yesterday so I’m super excited for him!

I remember at the time the game was the same as any other mobile flight sim, the graphics were terrible but it was cool because you could fly a plane with the accelerometer which was still pretty new back then. Obviously I wasn’t interested at all because the fun for me was never just flying the plane, but the whole experience of operating IFR. So imagine my surprise to see the capabilities of this game now.


Yeah I totally agree! If you want every visual element get a PC and Microsoft Flight Simulator (the new one). This sim is on mobile, and there are obviously huge restrictions in terms of available device resources. I’m amazed at just how much is possible on mobile without single digit frame rates!

Obviously as features become possible without major framedrops, then they will be added, but I think there is no reason to complain and demand