Real Pilot, how to land without the help of the "green screen"?


In Infinite Flight, many of us use this for their landing:

Since real pilot don’t have this little green circle, how do they know where their plane will finish?

Captain M.

Actually real planes do use the flight path vector (FPV). Some have an actual HUD, but all have the PFD, Primary Flight Display.
There are many videos on YouTube, where you can see both being used.


It depends on the aircraft. It would be worth your time to practice on solo mode without autopilot and get a good feel of the plane. Realize how high your cockpit is compared to the ground, its maneuverability, a good speed, and where the center of the aircraft is and use it to your advantage. Lots of tests and learning on the solo mode is going to really help you get a sense of your plane. :wink:


Okay! Thanks for your answers!
I will try to practice :smile:

All pilots start flying in an airplane like the Cessna 150, 172 or a tail dragger like the Piper Cub, Champ or Decathlon. They don’t just jump into the cockpit of a 747. If you really want to learn to fly a plane, become very proficient in a plane like that. You can fly in a mode without the HUD and with no landing aids. Pilots are taught on their approach to pick a spot on the runway like the numbers or piano keys and keep it in the same position on your windshield. If it moves downward you are too high and vice versa if it moves upward.

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i wrote sonething about the use of head up guidance systems a little while ago. its in GENERAL under this post:


Clipper 747PA

The problem right now is, IF does not have working instruments, so we need to use the HUD for our airspeed, altitude, headings. It is not possible to fly without these instruments. Well you can in a game, but certainly not in real life. Heck, even some hand gliders use altimeters and variometers.

You can fly in game mode (not using instruments), but you are not going to learn anything.

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There is a HUD at the bottom of the screen that can tell you flight stats.

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Yup, you could use that.

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