Real or Theoretical Liveries in Infinite Flight

I’m of the opinion that liveries which have never existed in real life or whose future is unclear should not be a part of Infinite Flight’s livery catalog. I would propose, going forward, that liveries only be included if they physically existed on that aircraft, or if they will soon. Please vote in the poll to help demonstrate how the community overall feels, and read below for a more in-depth argument. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

So today I wanted to bring up a discussion on something that was somewhat relevant before 19.4, and is now even more so considering liveries introduced on the newest addition to the fleet, the A350. I wanted to get people’s opinions on the addition of liveries that do not exist in real life, to see if I’m the only one slightly bothered by this (which is possible) or if there is a wider group that agrees or disagrees with the issue.

To be clear, this is not supposed to be in any way an attack on the 3D artists that make all these incredibly detailed and accurate liveries possible. In fact, one of the top reasons why I enjoy Infinite Flight so much is because of the hundreds of accurate liveries we get to choose from, so this doesn’t come from a place of malice at all.

We have multiple liveries (listed below) which were either canceled, or have not been delivered yet. They are (roughly speaking, I may have missed one or two):

  • Transaero 747-8 and A380 (DNE)
  • Air Austral A380 (DNE)
  • UPS A330F (DNE)
  • Delta 787-8 (DNE)
  • Emirates A350 (Ordered for delivery in multiple years)
  • KLM A350 (DNE)
  • United A350 (Ordered and deferred multiple times)
  • Aer Lingus A350 (Uncertain future based on this topic)

Now, Jarno helped clarify the reason that the KLM A350 was added as a livery, shown below. This is a perfectly valid explanation, and I assume it applies to most of the above options.

Here’s my rationale. I realize that a lot of people will respond to this and tell me to just “not fly it” likely with some form of “idiot” behind it… Fine. For me, I think realism, which Infinite Flight goes to such great lengths to attain, is hindered by providing options for liveries that do not exist. For example, I cringe when I see other simulators offer custom or “non-existent” liveries, since that detracts from everyone’s experience.

Airline orders change all the time, so it is incredibly hard to be certain that an airlines has a specific aircraft type until it is literally in their hands. Also, the designs may change, etc. (To be clear, I have no issue with liveries that used to fly. It is the ones that never existed which I don’t necessarily prefer). As such, I think it would be logical to avoid making these liveries until it is all but certain they will be delivered in real life.

Now I’m sure a few fans of the above airlines will attack me, because it’s obviously fun to fly in an aircraft of your favorite company. Sure, it definitely is, and I happen to be a fan of these liveries. However, as the argument is given for the many liveries that don’t yet exist in the game, generic is a perfectly valid substitution to “imagine” the livery of your choice.

So in an ideal world, I’d support removing these liveries and enjoying the hundreds of other real-life liveries that currently exist and the many more that have yet to be added on current and future aircraft. However, this may not be feasible, so perhaps just moving forward, it would be nice to prevent non-existent liveries being added into the game.

I put in a poll for other community members to vote on whether they agree or disagree with this and the above points. Please comment as well about this, just please stay civil. I’m open to criticism, and yes I’m sure there will be a few “it’s not completely realistic anyways, get over it” comments. Fine. It’s just that based on 19.4 there is a trend towards including more of these liveries, which is why I decided to post this to gain more opinions. And the developers do take note of community input.

  • Discard non-existent liveries in Infinite Flight and in the future refrain from adding potential liveries until that livery is operating or sure to be delivered in real life.
  • Discard older liveries that never existed (on A380 and 748) when those are reworked, but keep liveries that could exist in the future (on A350). In the future, refrain from adding liveries until those liveries are sure to be delivered.
  • In the future, refrain from adding liveries to Infinite Flight until those liveries are sure to be delivered, but keep all current non-existent liveries.
  • Add liveries without depending on what may occur in the future/completely matching real life.

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Hello, we gave a transero A380 and748, but no aeroflot. Other than that, I agree with you

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My mistake :/ Thanks for pointing it out – it’s been fixed!

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It has been said in the past that things won’t be removed from the game in regards to liveries

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I think I remember seeing something along those lines as well. I recognize that the 3D artists are probably attached to each model they make, which is perfectly undertandable! I would say, however, that it would be natural that as aircraft are reworked, this could be subject to change. Which is why I think a natural middle ground would be in the future refraining from including liveries that are non-existent until more certainty is achieved!


I personally would like the liveries in the game before the aircraft is delivered and keep the liveries on the aircraft that never ended up with the airline. If you don’t like it because it’s not realistic just don’t use that livery on that aircraft, simple.


Wow!! …ok um… I think that taking out the Transero and Delta livery could be removed but there aren’t many Ups livery’s so say that could stay.

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If you don’t think the livery is “realistic” then don’t use it… I will never comprehend why this is so divisive in our community.


I don’t believe Aer Lingus ever even ordered the A350, correct me if I’m wrong

Also, it’s not the devs fault if Airlines collapse or cancel orders

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It’s not much what you said but more the idea that there’s no harm in liveries staying in the game that what told.

We sure share the same idea

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Right, see my points that recognize this will be the view of some of you, which is perfectly valid. I think the reason this is a perennial issue is because of the fact that a decent part of Infinite Flight itself is the range of liveries. Based on the poll this is in no way a decided issue, and I’m not trying to be divisive, just pointing out a opinion of my own!


IAG will send them to Spain instead right

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@ILOVE7879-2.0 That would appear to be a double standard however! In my opinion the updated MD-11 and 757 would be enough of a substitute, but I recognize that some might believe that given the rarity of UPS aircraft removing it perhaps wouldn’t be best.

Also, it isn’t the Devs fault, but again, I’m just saying that holding off on adding liveries until there is more certainty would be, in my opinion, the better appraoch (again, my opinion only)

@NoahM It would appear they did order it, however see this topic!

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I think this quote just justifies the argument of why you shouldn’t try to work ahead of the times. I’m furious that they unironically put in the effort to create liveries that won’t be delivered for several years. China Southern? Nah. Hong Kong/Hainan airlines? Nah. Fiji Airways? Nah. Let us have Delta 787 2.0 instead! Great Idea! And with them allegedly being able to now slip in liveries into the app without updating, why work ahead of time? If they do add liveries ahead of time, it is my opinion that real-world liveries should be prioritized first unless there is a barrier related to technology. No exceptions!


Interesting your topic, I really like simulation and I’m not a fan of liverys that do not exist, if they were added there must be some reason I believe, but in my opinion I would rather have liverys that exist, I do not know if some did not come copyright, IFC votes, or even lack of staff time to bring them to the simulator


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