Real or non-existant Routes?

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Real life routes. Mostly routes I might fly one day too,meaning mostly to or from my home country

Always real routes with the real airplane and airline. We are in expert server and we try to do it as realisitic as possible!

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99.9% of the time I fly real routes. Every now and again, I’ll fly a non existant route in a generic aircraft, but very rarely.

Fir cargo routes it’s more whatever I want to do so chances are it is a non existent route but for airline flying I will do real routes

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I love real routes, it gives a sense of realism when you have the same type of plane, airline, flight number/callsign plus the time the flight actually leaves that particular airport and arrival time, but I like made up routes also. It’s nice we have both options for us to lose some sleep over 😂😂.

Love these posts BTW. Engaging and fun

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Realistic routes.

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