Real or Fake

So I was looking around YouTube and came across that video and was wondering if anyone can confirm it?


If it isn’t from infiniteflight assume it’s fake

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Ok just making sure I haven’t missed something.

The stuff in that video has indeed been released by IF. Not in the update (yet), but it’s on the IF website.

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That is all real. Infinite Flight posted all those pictures on Someone just took them and put them together.

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The 777-200 rework is complete. I think it is fair to say a release is imminent.


I guess I was wrong oof


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No worries, in most cases, what you said is a good rule of thumb!

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I can’t see those pictures. Now wonder I missed it

Just because the Aircraft is “Complete” Doesn’t mean all the other features are ready to go… Release can still be many ways away.

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Click on the link again. I linked the wrong thing. They are in the video playing along the top of the screen if you are on a computer.

Thank you for your input.

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No problem, it sure is exciting to see!

yesss! New update! Im sooo exited :) :)

“Bug testing wraps up on the B772 and on V20.1”

Like I said, its fair to say that we will see this update very soon. They said it themselves in the post if you read it.

There are other closed topics with the same video and more information. Also check out if you get bored.