Real Live World Traffic For Infinite Flight

Hey guys!

1.) Imagine flying at your favorite airport and see in planes all around you that you spotted on FlightRadar 24 or FlightAware. I can’t imagine the excitement that would bring!

2.) The idea of World Traffic for Infinite Flight started by watching this YouTube streamer, Information Zulu. He has brought us real traffic from the world into our screens and that truly changes everything! I’ll put a link below to see what I’m talking about!

3.) Now. Will this work with Infinite Flight with old phones such as the iPhone 5 and down
and old Android phones? Not if we start testing. I’m thinking this will be another app that you can connect to Infinite Flight just like Foreflight.

4.) There are 2 main and famous companies that work with this feature. They are called World Traffic 3, and Psxseecon Traffic. This works for X-Plane, FSX, and P3D. But Infinite Flight? That would be ground breaking! I’ll put the links for the companies below!

5.) Too make this easier, it could be a good idea to work with these companies to with Infinite Flight. That’s a possibility…

6.) If World Traffic was capable with multiplayer, your phones would catch on fire and explode. It would be laggy, freeze, and would heat up your phone. But on solo, that would be appropriate, and it would work smoothly!

7.) Word Traffic Example: Lets day you spawn at KJFK ,John F. Kennedy International Airport, and you file at Flight plan to Chicago.


Airline: United Airlines

8.) You would find where United mainly parks at JFK. Then you would create your flight plan, start taxing to the runway that most of the departures are taking off, and fly with the virtual real world. And to make it even better, you could launch up and listen to live Air Traffic Control while you watch an Infinite Flight middle takeoff, or land! I’ll also put a link for you to check out LiveATC’s content!

9.) We all know that Infinite Flight doesn’t have ALL of the planes and airlines in the world. That could be a problem. But wait! There is a solution! We would just substitute planes like the A350, Antonov, or even the Boeing 707! And for airlines: it would just be generic if it is not in Infinite Flight.

10.) I hope you think about this developers, and I thank you for your patience for reading this. I think this would be a major change to Infinite Flight and would make the experience even more incredible than it already is!

Information Zulu’s Channel Link:

PsxseeconTraffic’s Link:

World Traffic 3.0’s Link:

LiveATC’s Link:

Tracking links to imaginate you would could see if this would work:

FlightAware’s Link:

Flightradar24’s Link:

Could you imagine the load of confusion that would bring?!
Infinite Flight is a simulator, not a simulator/flight tracker.


I think he realizes that


My problem is that since the traffic does not know about you, or care about you (several million dollar 737 vs 4.99 app) it would be hard to squeeze into approach


I know but even on Solo that would get quite confusing. I mean, yes, you obviously know other players aren’t flying with you on Solo, but having airplanes on a flight tracker would get complicated. Plus I am not sure how the devs of the flight trackers would feel about this…


Real-world traffic would be cool, however, that’ll defeat the whole purpose of live mode – to add live traffic to your simulation experience. Adding AI traffic, real-world or not, would not make sense in live and solo mode.

The best advice I could give is to encourage pilots who use live mode to solely do real-world flights. Again though, this will still defeat the purpose of Infinite Flight as we are limiting where players can fly to.

This seems to be a very convoluted concept overall.


Well United doesn’t even fly to JFK so…


I know. It was just an example.

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This would be a third party app just like Foreflight. And would cost money. So it is, to some degree, not defeating the purpose.

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Not understanding the third party aspect of it?

It’s a cool idea but I see a lot of logistics to he worked out first.

  • the data you are asking for looks free but to get a constant stream of it will most likely cost FDS a lot of money.
  • it will encourage trolls to crash into phantom planes
  • everything you said above can be done today except for seeing a real scheduled plan next to your gate
  • planes in IF can’t always follow the same routes ad real planes for approach so basically you will have planes that cannot be controlled or communicated with. If I am reading the request correctly

It would be cool but I don’t see it happening. Good luck with your request.


Laura said it was a good suggestion, so I guess that’s a start.@Chris_S

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Could you help my request by voting for it?

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If you read carefully, this would only be in solo mode.

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N O!

This is a flight sim, not a flight tracker!


I can see why you call yourself the “Kinda” Angry slice of pie. Watch your attitude.


Im sorta confused… So we will have AI planes in the skys of Infinite Flight?


Basically. Think of how FSX has AI planes in solo, expect this will pull from real world flights that are actually happening.

Think of it as a 3D Flightradar24 or FlightAware


Alright. Well that is a recipe for ATC trouble and collisions. Allthough this would be cool if it was implemented. Imagine if we can see AF1 landing at KADW. Or having some of the underserved airports getting flights.


Like I said: please pay close detail!

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This might be good for solo but if if got added to live it would ruin the sim for me. I’ll reply to @Nathan’s post because he took the words right out of my mouth.