Real Life vs Infinite Flight

So a little while back in early winter I went to KPSM for a quick spot and with a surprise I saw a fighter just take off I they home and recreated the exact same shot in Infinite Flight

I love pease you never know what you could get or when you Could get it like a fighter jet you also gotta consistently look at FR24 daily to check for interesting arrivals
Photo credit of the fight goes to my dad as we used his phone to take the photo


Very cool! I like the comparison!

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Very cool but Screenshots and Videos can only have in game footage.


Then where should I put this

Then would it be #real-world-aviation?

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I honesty don’t really know. It falls between #general and #real-world-aviation

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Can’t TL1so what should I do

The Real life pic is a FA-18 Super Hornet and the IF photo is a FA-18 Hornet. You can tell because the Rectangle intake VS the circular intake.

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@TheFlyingGuy1 can move it :)


Did that lol. It’s always a classic recreating something in IF. That’s a cool photo of both!


Thanks @TheFlyingGuy1

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Just wondering did you use the screenshot feature for the FA-18

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It was before the screen shot feature

ohhhhhhh. I was like the quality lol

December 2 2108 was the day I took the screen shot of the one in Infinite Flight

Love the comparison, they look so similar.

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Thanks for the compliments. In a few years they only thing separating them may be the cars antenna but that’s a long time away

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But that’s things sure do create a lot of noise when the depart I think the car shock or that could have Been when the Antonov 124 departed but still that’s another story

Cool comparison, if IF had buildings, fences, etc. it would be so epic!

It would really just waiting for it to happen