Real life sounds on the CRJ-700&900

IRL the engine and APU sounds on the CRJ-700&900 are practically the same, It would be very cool to have this in IF, and the main problem though is that they have to get data for it without paying too much money well here is a link to my YouTube channel for them. For the infinite flight team just search through my YT channel scroll down and you will find my CRJ-900 videos, I have 5 in total, 2 landings 2 takeoffs and 1 turbulence video, IF team you can use the sound from these freely you don’t have to give me anything, hope you use this.

Is this what you’re referring to by any chance?


Kinda, but I actually have my own sound data to let the use.

This is basically your thread, the A-10’s TF-34 engines are a close cousin of the CF-34s used on the CRJ and EJETs.
That being said, I’d love to see the CRJ get a sound rework.

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