Real Life Snakes On A Plane!!

A snake was found just under the flaps of a Qantas Dash-8 Q400. Who knows how it got there?. At least it wasn’t inside the planes cabin!


This is 3 years old lol

Only in Australia.


how is that snake even on the plane how did it not fall off

Is the snake dead

Wow! I hope the snake was okay…

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Nope as you can see the blood


Insert crying emoticon here… ;(

The snake would have been dead within minutes off take off. The lack of oxygen at higher altitudes mean that it would have died, and felt like it would have been suffocating for about 4 minutes until its death.

On landing you see it hit the side of the engine, and in the apron you see that blood.

The snake is very much dead.

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OK how high was the plane

I’d say about 20,000ft, considering that’s a good altitude for smaller aircraft, and the size of the clouds.

Nice profile picture btw

Ok poor snake he should of just brought a ticket instead of hiding although that didnt work as well as he thought it would

Anyway Thanks about my profile picture

Ha. I can now imagine a family guy sketch of a snake trying to buy a ticket

That blood on the engine 😱

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