Real Life Simulator Challenge?

Hey IFC,

So i have been thinking would it be possible to have somebody flying a plane in real life with a phone or ipad with IF on connected to maybe the co-pilots yoke so that it would be the exact same flight on the sim and in real life.

So you spawn at the same airport as your are doing your pre-flight in real life then set the parameters the same as real life then as the pilot taxies the co-pilot throttles the same and does the same thing then they line up and takeoff as similar as possible with only an input on power and flaps etc needed as the real pitch of the aircraft is inputted into IF as it is connected to the aircraft so feels the movement. Then you obviously do your flight and land then finally it would be cool if you compare to IF replay to an onboard camera if you have one.

If this was actually safe (i suggested no pilot involvement just co-pilot) and was legal then it would be cool to see done and would be a first.

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I’m 110% sure that this would get the pilot/co-pilot fired as they are focusing on flying X number of passengers safely.

The co pilot still has a job. S/He will not be allowed to be distracted. If they are not the PIC, they would be assisting the PIC, callouts etc.
This is actually quite dangerous.
I got a great idea. Why don’t you fly in real life! (Shocker) A lot fun than on the sim!


Sounds a lot like what the Military all ready do with UAV. A pilot local to the aircraft will do the pre-flight and take-off, then the ‘flight’ crew will take over and they can be 1000’s of miles away!

After the mission the local pilot will take over the remote control and land the aircraft and complete the physical after flight checks.

Whilst this works for UAV, I can’t imagine anything similar happening in the commercial world for a long time, especially where carrying passengers are involved.

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This could be nice way to end co-pilot carrier.


While I understand and like the thought behind the idea a few minor details would prevent this from really happening:

As mentioned, not very safe, and not very legal 😊

I don’t think he ever explicitly said commercial… like I can see how impractical this is but I can see where he’s coming from

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I was refering to GA and i do fly in real life actually.

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Also i was never reffering to doing it like continously i meant just a one off.

Not legal, easy to get violations, duplicate actions

No way
It’s better to stare out of a real life window seeing the beautiful world than staring at the screen in a virtual world and worrying about whether your iPad/iPhone is charged or not during the flight

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