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Hello everyone !
so i’m working on something i want to share with Airbus (Airbus is doing a competition Saudi Arabia)

I just have a question :
In IF while landing there’s a dot (in the HUD), this dot is the beginning of the runway
see this photo

Is this dot available in real life ? and if there is what is it called ?

Edit : i know the photo is old but i don’t have much time to capture a new one

It depends on the aircraft. I believe the 787 has it, and the 737(?) has options for it. It’s called the velocity vector.


Hmm, what about airbus if you know ?

No, I think only the 787, 737(?) and military aircraft like fighters.

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“Velocity Vector”. Of course exists in all HUD aircraft equipped.


The A350 May have one on the HUD (Heads up Disply)

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@Captain_Ahmed what is this competition?

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Cool, is it only for Saudi Arabia?

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@Captain_Ahmed…MaxSez. The Vilosity Vector coupled with the Bulls Eye lead the way. The Vector often called the “Bug/Ball designates your true fligh path and compensates for winds which effect you path on Approach for example… The HUD is just an electronically mirror of the PFD found in glass displays (cathod ray) replacing the 6 pack of steam gages of “Old” avionics still found in GA and vintage junk. Use the Vector/Bulls Eye (horizontal bar with V center) combination on Approach. On final, Follow the Bug, the Bug should align with the Bulls Eye V and be centered on the landing point designated by the threshold landing point rway marking, on dirt field align with it to your chosen threshold landing touch down point. G’day and Regards Ahmed, great question!!
NOTE: The HUD (Heads-up) duplicates the PFD (Primery Flight Director)


I have it on my G650ER.

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What’s a G650ER? Never heard of one

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Oh it’s a private Jet! Do you fly it? Good aircraft choice @Arjun_Dayal

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Nope, the a320 can have one. I love calling it a heads up display rather than HUD


And the e190 does…


To be honest…

I’ve done some research, there are a ton of commercial aircraft that have it. It would take me all day to list them.

This might help you

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I think yes, it’s only for Saudi Arabia

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In Airbus aircraft it is called the Flight Path Vector (FPV), also known more commonly amongst pilots as ‘the bird’.

It is in all Airbus aircraft and is displayed on the Primary Flight Display (PFD), you don’t need a HUD to have the FPV.


It’s the same on the Boeings too. It also shows on the PFD on Boeings too, and also known as the flight path vector.


Thank you everyone for helping (’:

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