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Hey all!

So currently, I am studying and completing my RPL (Recreational Pilots License) in Australia. This is the license prior to the PPL (Private Pilots License) for those who do not know.

I’ve been flying and studying for a year now, and I’d just like to see if anyone else on the forum here is a pilot, and what experiences you have had as a pilot or in your training. Any comment would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello! In case you need help with others who are pilots, you can check and get in touch with them. All have been compiled into this one database 😊

Here are some that I know


Sorry for the tag 😅

I’m looking forward aswell for their experiences in the aviation world 😊


I’m not on the list, but a commercial pilot.
What do you want to know?

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Hi Zac,
I begun to fly when I was 18 and I attained my PPL in 1991 in Rome, Italy. Then I left for Los Angeles and I flew there for two years. Then I’m back to Rome In 1993 and I got the CPL. In 1994 I flew with an Executive company flying for 1 years on Cessna Citation I and II. In 1995 I made the selections in Alitalia, and after having passed them I started my training, doing what in Alitalia is called a professional course for one years. After that I made the transition on DC-9 30 (retired a year later), and I went on MD80 / 82 which I flew for 11 years. I have refused the transition on the B747, MD11, B767, B777, and A330 because I’ve never liked the long haul. In the end I made the transition on the A320 family but I decided to retire at only 42. In the last times too many flights were made between national and international flights (Europe, Middle-East, and North Africa). Never at home, only airports and hotel. Pretty hard.
Anyway I had a nice carieer.
I wish you all the best for the future )
Dario Alessandro


Bit of your experience in training and how you felt it went, good and bad times

Excellent insight! Thanks a lot Dario.

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It was a great time. Just one thing you’ve to know. It’s a really compressed training. You are busy for that months. I did my training in Europe.


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