Real-Life Moonshot

Hey everyone! I’m on vacation in Florida right now and yesterday, I noticed the moon was out during the day and all of a sudden, I heard the propeller of a plane and looked up. I was hoping to see the plane dash right across the moon, but I didn’t get that lucky. However, it was close and I got them in the same shot! I only had my phone on me at the time, so the quality isn’t ideal. Nevertheless, this is a cool phenomenon and I hope you enjoy.

Its flight path is in the second picture below. After departing from KSPG, Albert Whitted Airport, in St. Petersburg, Florida, it turned westward. Then, the pilot made a figure 8 over the beautiful Florida coastline and then passed over me.

Aircraft: Cessna 127M Skyhawk
Aircraft age: 46 years (1975)
Location: John’s Pass Boardwalk, Madiera Beach, Florida
Time: 5:10 PM EST
Moon phase: First quarter

Second image credit: Flightradar24 and Orlando Suarez


That’s really cool! Hope you enjoyed the moment


Y’know, I could make a grain farmer joke here.

However, despite the quality of the shot, it is really cool!


Leave me alone ahahahaha, it’s the thought that counts. Next time, I need a good camera with me!

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I love this moonshot!!!

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Then make a grain farmer joke 😂

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