Real life meets Infinite Flight

Bored dealing with the Minnesota Vikings charter with their Delta A330-300 so I guess I’ll use this time as a photo op


Nice pictures


Nice shots!

Very nice stuff

Very interesting.

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Thanks guys, thought it would be something interesting to share

I salute you.

happy birthday (sorry for being late)

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Excellent pics and a great thread, good work!

Great job with the photo’s, they look great! @speedbird203

Delta seems to provide quite a bit of charters for sports teams. I know the Washington Capitals used an A319 and 757 from them last season. Not sure about this season.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it

These photos are amazing

Once I was on a 737-900 United airlines and I took off on the same runway at the same time with the same conditions. It was so weird it felt like a full motion sim 😂

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