Real Life Jet-Suit in development! #IronMan

When I did saw this Jet-suite the first time in my YouTube recommendations I thought its going to be a fake or some sort of cgi Hollywood effects stuff.
But as it did turn it is neither of that. Yes it’s still work in progress but if you do keep in mind that this gentleman Richard Browning did develop this suite within month it does give the faith that they are able to achieve their ambitious requirements.

The most exciting feature they are working on is the VTOL one. They do plan to add wings so that you do start lifting vertically start accelerating and end up in an airplane mode just like the Harrier or the F-35B.

I am just so excited to see what they can achieve in the future.
What are you thoughts about it?


I mean I really would say calling this “aviaition” is a bit of a stretch. Jetpacks aren’t exactly the same thing as airplanes. But an interesting development for personal flight.

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Helicopters, zeppelins,… aren’t the same like airplanes either but they are still a part of aviation in the past, present and probably in the future as well.

The definition of aviation: the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft.

By the way this gentleman did develope the first functioning prototype within less then a year and they are planning on adding deploying wings for more efficient and longer cruise flights.

That picture below is a scetch of what they do think of how it could look like.

I think I saw this on Mythbusters or Tested a long time ago.

Well maybe something similar but on the website say say the company was founded in 2017. that combined with the fact I heard that Richard Browning said it did take less than a year to build the first prototype I would guess it should be around 2016 when you did saw it on mythbusters if it is the same one as on the show.

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