Real life Hud

When do pilots use the hud for ive watched plenty utube vids but none have i seen using the hud
curious**…well i use it everytime on IF.

It’s kind of just there, except it’s like a flip down visor type thing, I’m not sure when they use it but I beleive some do, some Planes also don’t have it

Used for night or low visibility a lot. Makes precision approaches easier too

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If I’m not mistaken, it’s required for CAT III precision ILS approaches in certain aircraft, as well as CAT II SA. This means that you can go down to lower minimums before you are required to see the runway for those low visibility approaches.

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You also have to differ between aircraft. The B787 and A220 have it for example. But in real life, not every plane has it like in IF. In IF it’s everywhere to make navigation in aircraft that don’t have live cockpits possible.

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