Real Life FPL Choice

I know the approach FPLs for KJFK and KLGA (just not the waypoints🙄), and it would be realistic if when we choose a runway at an airport, to choose the approaches


You mean like stars for approaches?

Or a selection that says, Set Appr.

you know what Star and Sid is?.. or not?

Honestly, it sounds very familiar (I hate it when this happenes😅)

So you don’t know?

Not so sure

…okey…search for it. Its what you are looking for lol…

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Ohhhhh! U mean like this one in the UAL 767?

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This is not the STAR/SID. That is the final approach segment for an ILS RWY 04 at Houston.

Google is your friend! :)


And for what I see, the F.A.P is at 1500ft.

Finally someone who says FAP and not FAF for an ILS APPR!