[Real life flying] Cessna 182 flight N40-KAVP report!

My Cessna 182 real life tracking thread!

Hey everyone,

In this thread I’ll be sharing pictures and flight reports from the flights I’ll be doing in my Uncles new Cessna 182. I’m in the US for 2 weeks and I’ll be doing tons of flying in the new plane with my uncle!

All flights and pictures will be posted in this thread!

Aircraft info

Aircraft type: Cessna 182P
Aircraft hangar location: Sky Manor, Pittstown (N40)
Registration: N21597




N40, the airport where the aircraft is parked is located in the 15NM radius of a TFR in place till the 13th of August. HOWEVER, the TFR does not stop me from going flying, I just have to make sure I have filed a flight plan.

I will be doing a flight within the next few days.


New Flight

Today’s route: N40 - KAVP and KAVP - N40
Flight time: Approximately 35-45 minutes
Weather: Visibility 5nm, temp 28 C, wind 10 knots at 310 degrees

Flight description

Filed IFR FPL from N40 to KAVP, direct clearance to KAVP. Upon reaching KAVP we joined base for runaway 04 but moved to downwind 04 for spacing between us and a ERJ on ILS ahead. We were then cleared visual approach and landing for runaway 04 at KAVP. Departure from runaway 04 at KAVP before Scranton 7 departure was vectored by ATC. Direct to N40 before landing at 25. Landing was a bit bumpy at N40.


Visibility was quite low for part of the flight

The Garmin 430 onboard the aircraft.

Inside the cockpit in the dark.

Climbing out of N40.

Hope you guys liked the post!


Great pictures!! Always great see some 182s!


What year is this plane from. I love vintage Cessnas. The one I fly when I do is a family friend’s. It’s a ‘65 Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Redid it a little with him, and it’s an absolute beast


If I’m not wrong this one is from the late 70’s early 80’s! The vintage ones are as fun to fly as the new ones!

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They’re better to fly in my opinion

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