Real life flights time table is also great for flight data if you want to mimic a real life flight.

Example, if you wanted to do a flight from ISP-MCO, you would go to the home screen and type in those 2 route pars.

It would then bring you to a whole list of flights scheduled, flights ongoing (none in this case) and flights arrived.

After clicking on one, it brings you to a whole tracker page. WN5948 (SWA5948) Southwest Flight Tracking and History 29-Aug-2017 (KISP-KMCO) - FlightAware

After scrolling down a little bit, you see this:
01 AM
This part shows you the speed, altitude, and route that the pilots will be using in the flight. Of course, it can change.

I’m sure that the route thing will confuse some of you. To learn more about how to decode it, I recommend taking a look at @Brandon_Sandstrom 's tutorial.