Real life flights time table

When global is out I suspect a lot people will be mimicking flights all around the world (I will) and for that we will need like a table or a schedule that shows the aircraft type and it’s route and also it’s airline and it’s time of departure and arrival.

Is there one out there that we could use to get this information from?? :) or maybe we could just put in this thread, real world flights putting its information listed above on your post?


Eh? You can use FR24 but I suspect you need a subscription:)


What’s that?? FR24??


FlightRadar24 is available on the web, iOS and Android.

If I need some inspiration for a flight, I often check out It is a free and open-source website, which provides worldwide information about flight including aircraft types. Unfortunately, the informations aren’t the most recent ones.


It’s an app called Flightradar24


I have the app what should I with it


Click on an airport. It should show you the departures and arrivals :)


I know that but I doesn’t need a subscription


Are they any others ? Like a list maybe ??

2 Likes offers you the list you´re searching for.

You could also check the airline or departure airport website :)

5 Likes is also great for flight data if you want to mimic a real life flight.

Example, if you wanted to do a flight from ISP-MCO, you would go to the home screen and type in those 2 route pars.
07 AM

It would then bring you to a whole list of flights scheduled, flights ongoing (none in this case) and flights arrived.

After clicking on one, it brings you to a whole tracker page.

After scrolling down a little bit, you see this:
01 AM
This part shows you the speed, altitude, and route that the pilots will be using in the flight. Of course, it can change.

I’m sure that the route thing will confuse some of you. To learn more about how to decode it, I recommend taking a look at @Brandon_Sandstrom 's tutorial.


Or an easier way on is looking up “IFR route analyzer”. It just brings up the stuff you need, the routes, distance, aircraft type, and airline. It’s just a tad easier than going through

EDIT: I always use this for X-plane on VATSIM, and it will be great for global!


Google. Just look up BA London to Sydney, air India Delhi to Tokyo etc and it gives it to you


Another option other than those stated above is


Use airline websites. Simple


That is actually a good idea. But the problem is that if you use a website, people wouldn’t want to go to the website and come back to IF. Instead they will just take off, not even scheduling a flight.

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Yeah I think a mod can close this now. Numerous websites and tools that you can use to mimic real life flights have been mentioned above for the original poster and the rest of the community to use and enjoy.

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Just go to a certain airline’s website (the one you want to fly with) and type in two airport codes and it will give you the timetable.

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I recommend to take a look FR24 and pick a route to fly and in the same time use ForeFlight for more Realistic.

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