Real Life Flight Video Ideas?

Hello community:

So my brother and I @N1DG and I started a youtube channel were we make flight vlogs when when we fly. We want to make another video but have ran out of ideas. If any of you have suggestions, put them down below and of course, we will give credit for the suggestion in the video.Check out our channel: GreeneBrothersFlying Youtube Channel


Yeah if you could make some videos about flying that would be great.


Har Har. We do that. We want to change it up some and do educational things too.

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A formation flight with Cessnas and super ds? (Ps ill join)

A formation flight. Interesting. We got lots of pictures but never recorded an actual RL formation flight

Sorry I ment in if, but maybe in RL. Though I cant come IRL, but in IF I fly anything anywhere!

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