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I don’t know if this should be in #meta or #features so someone please let me know where it fits best.

Here on the IFC, we have a great community of like-minded aviation enthusiasts who are all very welcoming to everyone. We all share a common passion for flying, but maybe some of us share a passion for other things beside aviation? For example, I am sure that there are many people on the IFC who love sports, or love music. And that is why I think it is a great idea to consider starting a whole new category on the IFC, which would include discussions about everything in the real world that is not aviation.

I think that people could make new friends and form bonds among each other by talking about their passions. Or even start discussions about lets say, who will win this years World Series? (It’s totally gonna be the NY Mets btw.) Yes, I understand that this community forum is about aviation and Infinite Flight, but like I said, I think friendships can be born by creating a real world discussion topic.

Let me know what everyone thinks of this idea!


I’m sorry but I don’t think this would be liable to addition as the IFC is for talk about Infinite Flight and Aviation. But a mod can probably answer you better.


Obviously the IFC is meant to serve as an aviation community as a whole, but there is the lounge which is accessible to all TL3+ members which serves this purpose. Just contribute positively and maybe you’ll reach that point


Hello mate!

That would not be the purpose of the IFC since it’s made Infinite flight and Aviation and not general discussions. I think there many people doing and there is not unlimited storage for the discouse and Infinite flight community.

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Yeah I was nit expecting this to be approved at all. But I just thought that with such an awesome community of people, we could have nice discussions.

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I would recommend joining some VA/VO, or gather some friends to talk about our life and stuff, that’s what I’m doing during this pandemic (:

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Hey! Currently we have this category but it’s reserved for TL3+. If you want to talk about that stuff take a scroll through the #live:va category and find a VA you like. You can talk there!


i would like something like this but that would turn the IFC which is a forum more into a social media platform

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And adding on to everything above, it would require more moderation (and the mod team is always busy).

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Hi there. I have closed this as it will not be something we will add to the IFC.

This forum is paid for, and provided for free, by Infinite Flight. Therefore, it is only fair that it is used for Infinite Flight purposes, with the exception of some aviation themed content in RWA. Having this category would divert staff and mod time away from Infinite Flight related activities, and we all want to bring you the best app possible.