Real Life C130!

Fellow flyers…some real life flight pictures! Enjoy!

**1) Active Dity AiR Force, was in Colorado recently. Did a little low level actions with some air drops. Flying through the Rockies was amazing. Had to black out the actual aircraft tail number sorry! Wanted to have a post with real life aircraft that are in real life too!!

**2) nothing really specific, our flights were during the day.

**3) See Photos Below…


Hey! These are really cool photos! But #screenshots-and-videos is only for photos within Infinite Flight :)


I know haha! Wanted to give some real life photos of a plane I fly all too often within the game! Happy flying

Oh ok. Well currently you are only TL1. You must be TL2 to post in #real-world-aviation, the perfect place for these photos.

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Not all too active in the forum. Trying to be to be able to post more stuff. A lot of my posts get deleted because I’m TL1

While everyone talks about what category this should go in,

These are amazing pictures!! I can’t even imagine the adrenaline rush I’d get.


Was amazing. I live my job, working on these planes is a real treat to say the least!


Yes as long as you continue to be active you’ll get to TL2 in no time. Really cool photos btw!

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Could someone move it to the correct category being that I can’t post there?

That is incredible! I bet you have tokens of incredible photos and cool stories

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I could post photos for days! But working on TL2 to be able to post them lol



Crew Chief. Fix the planes, perks ar so get to do things like this lmao


Very neat! My last company I was with was next to Lynden always enjoyed seeing those Hercs taxi by

I could turn wrenches forever on these birds, best plane ever (but biased I know) but it’s a forever changing job.

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Lynden and Coulson always lookin when you finally retire

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I still of just over 11 years. But will always keep the toes wet for a connection on the outside!

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Even though you’re not the proper TL i hope the mods/staff allow this because those are some rare and amazing pictures.

Allowing this topic to remain open. Neat photos!


This is sweet, man! Love the C130s. Got to tour one over the summer with the COANG out of Peterson and had an absolute blast. Even got to go up to the cockpit and look at everything up close, was really epic for me.

I’d love to see more pics of yours in the future. See you ‘round! 🤙