Real Life Aviation Quiz-For Aspiring Pilots and the Ones Already There.

Hi guys,

My name is Gabe. Fairly new to the forum but have been playing IF for quite some time. A little about myself; I’m currently in an Aviation College about to Flight Test for my CPL and about to write the INRAT. Anyways, I’ve been browsing the forums here quite religiously since I got my account and have noticed a lot of “Aviation Knowledge” Tests. By all means they are great but I never really found a real aviation knowledge test. I noticed a lot of people here are really keen to be pilots and a lot are already pilots here on the forum so I thought maybe I could write up a little quiz. For those of you who know a little bit about aviation, this quiz is a good gauge in regards to becoming a pilot. For those of you who are a pilot now, I’m sure you know what it’s like for FAA or Transport Canada to trick the hell out of us. Anyways I really hope you enjoy this quiz as it took a little time to make it. If you like it a lot I may continue doing these little 10 question quizzes. Thanks for your time and happy flying.

p.s. If I screwed a question up please let me know. I tried my hardest to confirm my answers. As well if you’re American and slightly different, I’m okay with that :)

***Instructions: ***
The questions are multiple choice. If you choose the incorrect answer you have the option of going back to find the correct answer or you may continue without correcting. Make note of the ones you got wrong and share, only if you want, your score in the comments below. As with any aviation quiz, please choose the most correct answer and read the question carefully. To my pilot friends, RTFQ. Good luck and have fun.


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Hey Rotate,

I tried to find it in my books but could only come up with this link. It’s under clearance rules.

Essentially the SID is published in the CAP where all the instructions are located so it’s pointless to read it all back if it’s in front of you. The exception is the pilot will read back if further clarity is needed, ATC asks, their is an amendment to the SID, or you’re at an uncontrolled aerodrome. Thanks for making me think! And I don’t think I ever learned the semi circular rule?

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Oh the Altitude Cruise Order Chart. Yeah no one really follows it on IF but I don’t expect much lol.

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Got 3 wrong

excellent quiz, I probably learnt more than I got right, but surprised myself with what I did know!

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