Real Life ATC Question

On the Feedback infinite flight site the real life ATC addition to the game is stated as “started” in two locations that I could find. Here specifically it says that it is coming but that was back in May 2015. I was just wondering if there was an update on when this would be coming to game or if has been scraped?

I presume you do not have Live (fly online). ATC is available in live.


I have live. I fly in it all the time but my favorite thing is ATC. What I understand the live ATC they are asking and what the other threads are asking for is the ability to actually talk into a mic and give commands rather than just the computer voice.

There most likely won’t be real voice atc, I’m pretty sure some of the devs said it won’t ever happen.

Ahh ok, that was never planned by FDS, but they do have a fairly decent system where the controller uses screen buttons.

If you want, you can make the case for spoken ATC here:

Thanks :)

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