Real Life AR with IF Aircraft

Hello community! So, a few weeks ago I was doing training and was in the ground at KMDQ and I thought, "what if I could place a 737 right here? So I’ve been thinking, and I’m here evidently, so I have an idea.

Imagine you got to do a 1:1 walk-around of a 737, but wait, this walk-around isn’t at the airport, it’s in your neighborhood park parking lot!

Other games have this kind of feature. I found one, on a game called CSR2.


Pretty cool! So I made this pretty bad Photoshop showcasing my idea.

You can do a walk around, check it out in full detail at any scale you want!

You could have options like 1:1, 1:2, 1:3; 1:20 and more.

IFLLC could even add features like lights, engine start/stop, and even taxi like your controlling a 1:1 RC car!

This could be a super cool feature and would spark a lot of minds.

But like everything, this would take time, so if we all want this, we have to be patient. Thank you for reading this!

I haven’t found any topic like this so I’m 99.9% sure that this hasn’t been made.



This seems like a dope idea! and great one too

unfortunately as infinite flight is more of a simulator…I think they will not add this… as it will not add much to the game it self


Very much so.


I agree with you, it would be nice, but I don’t think it would be added.


Yeah, but it’s an idea as Apple is widely advertising AR and now Android.


Nothing wrong with ideas! :)


I see where the idea is from!

But they want AR games!

Looking around an aircraft will not add much to infinite flight though but still a great idea


I thought you could even see your departures from a birds eye brow while in flight or look outside and see your flight departing or arriving. Kinda like spotting I guess. Lots and lots of work though.


That would be awesome!!! Taking a shot of an IF 787 “IRL” would be a dream!


“Plane spotting”. Records departures from KLAX on YT.

Instead shows AR Infinite Flight Lufthansa’s A380 Just Casually Rolling out of 25R.


Haha! Yes it would!

Lol, yeah! 😂

I just had something pop in my head about the AR.

Would if on your phone, intergrated with Live Flight, you could point your phone in a certain direction, and it’ll show the current IF aircraft within the radius of your location.

(Pretty much like FlightRadar24’s AR feature)

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Yeah! And it could show everyone else! Maybe LiveFlight could do something like that?

This is a really creative idea! Personally however I don’t think it will ever come to IF because it’s a flight simulator.

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It is a creative idea and I definitely like it. However I don’t see it being added directly into the simulator as it is something completely different the we are having right now. I could see it as a #thirdparty app though.


This could probably serve to enhance the ATC experience with a lot of fun, as ATCs are located in a fixed position (airport) but the AR could roam their area of operations like a miniature 3D map. Imagine seeing those tiny planes in 3D, on hold for approaches, wow!

Or another style, inside a realistic 3D tower environment where controllers could “look away” from their radar screen to see what’s going on outside, just by moving their devices as if they’re looking out the windows for real (and could zoom in).

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Yes, I agree. But it’s definitely possible to happen, especially if it goes along with the simulator, like mid flight you could see your flight in a birds eye view in AR, or being outside and virtually seeing your flight lift off.

Agreed with @Marc, this would most likely be a thing that #thirdparty creators would do.
For example, LiveFlight could do this, as they already have a huge database of all aircraft, statistics, etc, to possibly do this.

Just a thought. 😉

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