Real Life Alpha Airspaces Are Listed as Bravo in IF

Not sure which category this goes in.

So anyway, there are Alpha airports such as Heathrow, Charles DeGaulle, and Paris Orly. And these are listed as Class B (or Bravo) Airspaces



I was under the impression that at least in the US, Class A airspace is > 18000 feet. In IF the airspace is organised to the US rules (though most European and other featured areas tend to have relatively similar arrangements). Hence those airports would be marked as B-class


But this can hardly apply to IF unless you only fly using AP all the way… And ensure that your aircraft has automated APCH

Otherwise, it’s not really important lol

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Ohhh, so just like they’re doing with runway numbers? All of them in US form?

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Yep, exactly

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