Real Life airline/airport workers

Title is pretty self explanatory. Looking for my fellow ramp rats, pilots, fuelers, etc. Where are you based, what you do, who do you work for etc. I’ll start.

As my name implies I work for Southwest Airlines at CLE and I’m a ramp agent. My job consists of marshalling aircraft into the gate, loading and unloading baggage and freight, provisioning the plane i.e. changing trash, ice, loading snacks etc, servicing the lavs, seperating bags for different flights in our bagroom, picking up and delivering cargo to our freight facility, dropping offloaded bags at the baggage carousel and pushing the aircraft from the gate.


I know some weird guy called Jim Judge… He’s strange…

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Whilst I am SLF on the airlines as I work in the Shipping world I can identify easily with the world! That’s seems a pretty full on and interesting job there @Southwest_CLE_Ramper, loys of different things to stop it getting old! Do you get much interaction with the Pilots and Passengers?

Current B777 pilot, ex Airbus, ex military working for a European carrier laughing at the latest security farce to be dreampt up by the Dft and Homeland security!


Farce is on the mark. They apparently didnt confer with any aviation experts prior to developing the guidelines. Only thing I can figure is it is all based on Intel speculation.

Apparently the Yemen raid found some intelligence that Jhadis may use electronic devices to smuggle bombs on to planes. UK may also impose this ban but the UAE and Qatar won’t be included. With all these terrorist attacks that are happening I could care less as I place my security higher then having an iPad or laptop. Feel free to further share your views.

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@DeerCrusher, duty calls

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When does duty not call. 😁

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I am a pilot flying the aircraft type as shown in my profile picture for the airline in my profile picture. 😉


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*Unintentionally. lol. 😏


Sure… we know your type:

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Taken to a whole new level… Love it! 😂


I work as a private pilot 😂. Hoping to get a job at an AirPort this summer


LSI- rampie, mainly oil & gas crew changes.
Loading/unloading s92’s and fixed wings,towing,de-icing,and everything else!

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Gotta love working with the Bears!


I work for a company based in Alaska. In state company only. I load and unload freight and bags and deice the aircraft along with marshaling in and out

We don’t de ice, the city won’t let us as they want it all done on a seperate pad :(

What type of birdys do you work?

Dash 8-100 and used to do beech 1900 but the phased them out