Real ILS approach

Is there any update to come to improve the ILS approach with the glide slope ?
It would be so greaat to habe this!

@Lucxs_87 We have ILS and Glideslope, I don’t find any problem with it, How high you intercept localiser. But what we don’t have is Autoland. There few different Types:

CAT I- DH 200ft RVR 2,400ft

CAT II- DH 100ft RVR1,200ft

CAT IIIA- No DH or DH below 100ft, RVR not less than 700ft

CAT IIIB- DH Below 50ft, RVR less than 700ft but 150ft minimum.

CAT IIIC- No DH and No RVR. Autoland all the way to touchdown with zero visibility conditions is permitted.

*DH Decision Heights/Altitudes of about 200’ above the threshold elevation.
*The common one in big airports are CAT/C IMO

*RVR Runway Visual Range


Oooh so that’s the circles correspond to ! I didn’t understand but now I get it thank you ! And adding autoland would be great !

There is a glideslope. The little arrow besides the altimeter is the glideslope indicator.

I thought this was for the ILS but thank you very much guys !

Just landed from half way just to show you. So you know what we meant @Lucxs_87


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Yes I see what you meant now😀

For a Glide Slope, just a reminder , if all else fails depend on a VGSI, There’s a PAPI near the Threshold of most IF hard surface runways. There almost infaulable in both VMC & IMC conditions. Max Sends

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I tried but I can’t intercept the glide slope, the arrow is always down.

If the arrow(diamond) down that means you are too high, Arrow up men’s you’re too down, keep the centre line in compass and diamond the middle.
You gotta be around 3000ft. But it depends where you intercept. For ex. If I come in steep turn from base I’ll be at 2500ft. Coming straight in then 3000ft.

1.Centre Line
2.Glideslope Diamond
3.Active ILS


EGLL RWY 27L 3degree 318ft/nm intercept 2500ft 8.8mile
London City has 5degree slope i think.



Are they going to make an auto land?

@GatwickGuy that’s very interesting! I will try. I was at 2500ft coming straight in when I wanted to intercept it.

Disange that A/P and use the trim!
Anyway, good attitude.

There will be Autoland in the next update.

That’s weird, I came in straight in runway 27L of EGLL at 3000ft and I saw the glide slope but whereas I was holding altitude the arrow began to go down again…

@Lucxs_87 Like I said before there is no AUTOLAND in I.F. Still you got to land the plane, ILS-Glideslope helps you with reduced visibility to the runway, you have to fine tune the Spd-hdg-alt-vs up to the point where you want to cancel AP.

Not just EGLL, every major airports has ILS, but some islands don’t have ILS, ex Caribbean TNCM

AP and ILS two completely different thing, AP (autopilot)is where you don’t have to control the plane. You set spd-hdg-alt etc. The ILS(instrument landing system) where it help the pilot navigate to runway vertical/horizontally. If the aircraft equipped with advanced autopilot which is autoland then once aircraft intercept ILS it will automatically fly to runway. In I.F you got fly to runway eaither manual or AP but you got to keep turning the knob

I’m trying with easy English possible my friend hope you understood.( my English is broken anywayz😄😄)

Yes I knew that. Well it doesn’t matter because I can still land the plane correctly, I’ll wait till the next update then!
Haha your english is great ! 😁