Real IFR conditions

I am realy sorry if I double post a subject, I did search the site, didn’t find my answer, but english is not my first language… hard job here for me lol

Is this posdible to have “see nothing” IFR conditions?

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Yes it is, if in real life there are bad conditions eg… Snow, Rain, Fog. IF will imitate it with the METAR. Amazing if you ask me.

Thanks for the answer!

Really nice! :)

I can’t wait for a 500 feet ceilling! Lol

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Also IFR airports, are specified with either a red or pink dot. red is Just IFR and pink is low IFR


Thanks for the info!

CAT III B ILS approaches can have 150-700ft visuals needed in which case the aircraft is fully landing by itself with both pilots monitoring the systems for any abnormalities. In CAT III C approach you do not even need a visual of the runway to land, however these do not exist in the US as of now. and are not even present in any other airports worldwide.

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If you want to find some, go to and filter it for visibility!


ESUP is so bad right now, I can’t even see the rest of my plane at max zoom at the gate!


That’s some nice IFR flying you got there

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