Real footage of the Air Canada flight that tried to land on the taxiway at SFO has just been released by the NTSB.

😱 That. Was. Close.


Wow! Seeing that footage nearly made my heart stop! That was incredibly close. Lucky nothing went horribly wrong.


In one word: Yikes
Don’t know how the pilots found themselves on final approach for a taxiway.


They were supposed to land on 28R and 28L was deactivated, a fact they failed to read in the NOTAMs so visually, the taxiway looked like 28R and 28R looked like 28L.


Ahh that’s quite understandable

The pilots even asked ATC “are we really cleared for 28R? Looks like lights on the runway…” ATC first said “yep all clear” and only gave the “Go Around” at the last second after a plane on the taxiway asked “uhhhhmmmm…where is that guy going?”


that looks like real world TS1 KLAX :D


But it’s KSFO. NOT KLAX.

yes it’s KSFO but in TS1 we usually have these crazy pilots in KLAX that’s why I mentioned it


Oh my good. O M G. Very close.

Oh my god I had a heart attack

Whoa. I did not realize it came that close to the other aircraft holding RWY 28R! That is just crazy, thank god they realized before it was to late.

Here’s a video that zooms in on the aircraft… crazy to think how close it got to the other aircraft. Glad everyone made it out safe.


If I were a passenger on that flight, I would ask for a complimentary rum and coke… but hold the coke…

That must’ve been terrifying to see it unfold


😬 That was too close. Glad everyone got safe. The pilots and ATC saves it at the last minute! Kudos to them (even though the pilots put themselves in that situation in the first place… but it could’ve been much much worse.).

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Yeesh! Imagine how the people that almost got cryushed felt 😳 From my incredibly armature Science knowledge I would assume that if the plane had indeed landed on another plane, the passengers on the air canada plane would probably be just fine (aside from the trauma and possible injuries). The plane below has 0 chance of survival. If I’m wearing, don’t hesitate to prove it 🤙

My god! I can’t imagine the terrifying moments spent within those aircraft, with another barreling down upon you, and there is nothing you can do…

I bet they didn’t even notice, how would you?

I wonder what the outcome is for the pilots, disciplined?

It had the potential to be the worst aircraft disaster in history…not sure what the final outcome was other than that we are all safer because this situation will now be drilled and prevented from happening again.


I am sure they forgot to use IF-Assistant haha

But seriously, I am glad that nothing happened.