Real Flight Series Cathay Pacific 2178 YSSY-YMML

1) Background to the photos
Hello! IFC!
Today, I started a project to reproduce an actual route called the Real Flight series. As the first step, I tried to reproduce Cathay Pacific flight 2178 from Sydney to Melbourne.
Please understand that we fly in the daytime so that you can see beautiful pictures.
Let me show you the data of flight CX2178 on February 24, 2021!

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Flight number & call sign:CX2178
Aircraft type:BOEING 777-300ER
Flight time:1 hour
3) Photos
Let’s look photos!

Just before departure. The B777-300ER is elegant.

Take off!

Ascend while looking at the city of Sydney.

Cruising. You can see the vast land.

This is the final approach. The bending of the wings is beautiful


Thank you for watching!
Next time, I will announce the operation record from Stockholm to Frankfurt.
Have a good flight! We look forward to your comments!