Real Emergency in Infinite Flight Expert Server

Hey everyone, Today I was running a military charter (CMB) from Ramstein Airforce Base (ETAR) to Rzeszow Jasionka Airport (EPRZ). I laid my phone down on the table for about 20 minutes until picking it up again and resuming my flight. I had my fuel and weight figured out and before long, I was taxiing. Once beginning takeoff on runway 08. When I tried pushing the nose down to prevent it from lifting off the ground, it wouldn’t work. Quickly, I recalibrated, checked my autopilot, but nothing was out of the ordinary. I was very confused and when the nose started to lift on its own, I decided it was too late and increased trim to become airborne. Once airborne, I Immediately tried all my flight controls but only the the rudders were working. From 100 feet to about 4,000 feet, I was purely using rudder, trim, and throttle to control the aircraft. I even tried going to the controls in setting and resetting all of my flight controls but nothing worked. I finally tried the autopilot and it surprisingly worked and the flight controls were moving, but once I turned it off, I once again lost control of the aircraft. I quickly reprogrammed my flight plan and was able to turn for final for runway 26 at Ramstein. With the help of autolanding, I was able to safely touchdown and taxi to the gate. I didn’t know why I was stressing over this because after all, is all virtual. I never found out the real cause, but it was truly an awesome experience. (Maybe not in real life) (I didn’t use any third party application to intentionally disrupt Infinite Flight).

Aircraft: MD11
Airline Western Global (WGN)
Flight time: 00:18
Server: Expert


Well done on getting the plane back! I kind of had the same thing about a year ago. I did all my normal stuff but didn’t check controls (I rarely do😅). I started the takeoff roll and at rotate speed tried to rotate but nothing happened. I quickly decided to reject. I went back, restarted my game and everything worked fine


Once I was taking off and had forgotten to calibrate. The 737 started turning right and rolled of the taxiway. Thankfully this was at WSSS, where the terrain is quite flat so I stopped the aircraft. If it was IRL though, I’d probably have ended up in the Changi Airport Terminal 5 Construction Site.

Same! That makes it fun though, that’s what makes landing at a difficult airport so satisfying.