Real Cut and dry Center Atc Tutorial

Can we Please have a cut and dry Center Atc Tutorial Please


What do you mean by:[quote=“Jeodanie_Smith, post:1, topic:111966”]
cut and dry Center At
Or am I just not googling hard enough :).

I want to do Center ATC but need a simple cut and dry tutorial…pretaining to what altidue Center controls in real life and IF

Oh, okay…standby, I’ll try and get that for you :).

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Here you go, based on your description of what you were looking for :).

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Let me see……goot look at this

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So Center does departure and approach duties if none are avail?

Yes, exactly, just like in the rare case that were to happen in real life! :)

But why do i have aircraft 100 miles not going to my airport on my frequency

Welcome to Training Server 1 my friend…


Should i igg them or tell them to change frequency

I’m sorry, not familiar :/

And where in god did i get the notion that Center is Fl180 or above…lol

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Igg means ignore…slang…lol

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Haha, then yes, if they don’t comply to the frequency changed approved thats your best option.

I thought Center was for thru traffic after departure or before approach

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It is, vectoring aircraft when needed if departure already hasn’t cleared them to resume own navigation and to vector aircraft to the approach course, and hand them off to Approach.

And if there is no approach or departure Atc…what is the Center’s job/ function?

I was under the impression Center handles traffic after departure or before approach…

Thanks for the request. We have great community contributions to describe center’s role within the IFATC system. I have decided to hold off on further videos, specifically center, so that our library does not become outdated with the addition of Global. I plan to redo all current ones to provide a fresh library as we introduce a new platform to move forward.

As for Center, we have made the decision to not include Center facilities for v1 of Global. It simply does not work unless you have clear defined sectors and a well-organized system start to finish, which includes things like Clearance Delivery to properly route aircraft. This also helps eliminate the problem of Center bothering users at cruise altitudes, potentially away from their device. This will continue to develop and a proper and updated tutorial will become available when it returns. Cheers!