Real commercial routes in Infinite flight

I know the Amsterdam-Brussels (KLM), Kuala Lumpur-Singapore (Malaysia), and Seattle-Portland (Alaska), but any others?


St Maarten to Pointe-à-Pitre
Air Caraibes

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Sydney to Canberra

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American flies KTPA-KMIA

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These are the ones flown by aircrafts and liveries featured in IF:

KLAX - KSAN [SkyWest Airlines (United Express) CRJ200; Compass Airlines (Delta Air Lines) Embraer E-170]
KLAX - KPSP [Skywest (United Express) CRJ200]
KORD - KMKE [SkyWest (United Express) CRJ200]
KSEA - KPDX [Alaska Airlines B738/B739; Compass Airlines (Delta Air Lines) Embraer E-170]
KTPA - KMIA [American Airlines B738]
KTPA - KFLL [Southwest Airlines B737]
WMKK - WSSS [Malaysia Airlines B738]
WMKK - WMKJ [Malaysia Airlines B738]
EHAM - EBBR [KLM Cityhopper Embraer E-190]
EHAM - EDDL [KLM Cityhopper Embraer E-190]
EHEH - EHRD [Transavia B738]
KONT - KWJF [West Air (FedEx Express) C208]
PHNL - PHMK [Corporate Air (FedEx Express) C208]
PHNL - PHLU [Corporate Air (FedEx Express) C208]
PHNL - PHOG [Hawaiian Airlines B712; Hawaiian Airlines B763]
PHNL - PHTO [Hawaiian Airlines B712]
PHNL - PHKO [Hawaiian Airlines B712]
YSSY - YSCB [QantasLink B712]


And Don’t Forget WSSS-WMKK Singapore Airlines B77W (Altough on Real Life. It Supposed to be an A333. And Malaysia Airlines WMKK-WSSS also supposed to be served by B738)

In real world there aren’t any SIA B77Ws flying between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
This route is served since many years by A310s and A330s.


Forgot West Palm beach intl To Soutwest Florida intl- 757-200 United Paracel Service

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There’s also a few more in Hawaii- Hawaiian airlines flies between Kahului and Hilo, and Kahukui and Kona

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Some possible new a320 routes:
WSSS-WMKK [Air Asia A320]
KTPA-KFLL [Spirit Airlines A320]


I’m the exact opposite of a religious man - but I pray every night that the devs merge regions or atleast expand them so we can actually fly some decent commercial routes in the next update. My confidence is however, at about 3%


You are right. Global flight would be good too, but may take decades to successfully implement.

Don’t throw the topic off topic.

It was regarding the routes, anyway back to the main topic.

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@Laurens mentioned that route.

One more to add:

TATA -TKPK British Airways B777 ( and return after a 45min turn around)

This is flown twice a week (sun and we’d I think) as an add from from BAs service from Gatwick to Antigua. A good excuse to fly a real route, writhin a region using a wide body jet!!

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So true!
Flew that a couple of times when the Carebbean region and the 772 have been released!

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United express uses CRJ-200 for DEN-ASE, DEN-COS, DEN-GUC, DEN-PUB, DEN-MTJ, and sometimes DEN-EGE. They also use the CRJ-200 on ORD-MKE.