Real Cathay Pacific Seat Configuration

I am wondering how do I know which cathay pacific a330 use a certain seat configuration. From what I know, there are four types of seat configuration : K,E,J, and P. I wish to sit at a good position but I didn’t know which a330 has which seat configuration. Sorry for posting this at the General Topic. I am aware that I should post this at real world aviation.

You could maybe just search up a seat map for the different types?

You should be able to find the configurations on here:

Just type in the airline and the flight number (If you have it) and you will get the exact config that flight uses.

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Okay. I guess i will try it. I want to have a seat with good wing view but I don’t know which a330 seat configuration I will get.

thank you very much @AarkonTV @Hamza.N


I am sorry. Thank you for your advice :) I have googled it before but I dont get the answer. That’s why I ask at here to seek for help.

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You can check to see which specific A333’s are configured in what way. Remember, if you take economy, avoid the 293 economy seat A333 because it still has the crappy clamshell seats from the past. Recently took econ on a 24 yo A333 and it made me sick.

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